Denji from Chainsaw man is a loser. Chainsaw Man, written by Fujimoto Tatsuki, has been making waves in the anime community since its announcement in 2020. While it’s been praised for its unique plot and characters, one character stands out in particular: the protagonist, Denji. Despite being a teenage boy with chainsaw blades coming out of his body, he’s relatable to many viewers. In this post, we’ll explore why Denji is so relatable and how identification and “loser culture” play a role in the story of Chainsaw Man.

Denji is the main character of Chainsaw Man, a manga series written and illustrated by Fujimoto Tatsuki. He’s a teenage boy who works as a devil hunter for the Yakuza to pay off his dead father’s debt. His partner is a chainsaw devil named Pochita, who is not only a weapon against other devils but also Denji’s best friend. After the two almost die, Pochita offers his heart to Denji, transforming him into a human-devil hybrid.

Why Denji from Chainsaw Man is a loser

The best stories are the ones we can relate to. We need an anchor that grounds us and gives us something to connect our experiences with. Main characters or protagonists are great for this, as they help us identify with the story. Identification is the process by which we recognize or verify the identity of an individual or object. It can also refer to the psychological process in which an individual models or takes on the behavior, attributes, or values of another person or group. In stories, we’re much more engaged when we can see a character, especially a protagonist, dealing with issues that we can relate to, even if they’re exaggerated at times.

Chainsaw Man is a loser - Denji and Pochita

Identification and losers

Denji is shown as an utter failure at the beginning of the story. He’s broke, he’s in debt, and he’s working for the Yakuza. He doesn’t have any big goals, but only wants to eat good food and maybe get with a pretty girl. He doesn’t hold values like honor very high and has learned from an early life that the goal sanctifies the means. These qualities might seem negative, but they make Denji relatable. He’s not a typical Shonen anime protagonist with lofty goals and a strong moral compass. Instead, he’s more like an average person trying to get by.


Denji’s relatability is one of the reasons why Chainsaw Man has become so popular. The story and characters might be fantastical, but Denji’s struggles and personality make him feel like a real person. The identification process helps us connect with the story, and loser culture helps us feel like it’s okay to be imperfect. These factors combine to create a unique and engaging experience that fans can’t get enough of.

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